John Bright's Regiment of Foote

About Us


We are 'John Bright's Regiment of foote', part of the 'English Civil War Society' (ECWS) which is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to the re-creation of battles of the seventeenth century. The main aim of the society is to stimulate interest in the Civil war period by authentic re-creation of 17th Century life, and of course to enjoy ourselves. The Society consists of two bodies, 'The Roundhead Association', who support Parliament and 'The Kings Army', who surprisingly enough support the King!

Modern Brights

Circa 1972 a re-enactment company was formed within Lilburne's Regiment of the "Sealed Knot". This company, consisting of a bunch of stout chaps from Sheffield University, cast around and discovered that not only had there been a commander of note local to the area, but that what was left of his property had been turned into a public house. This last fact was to have a more than significant effect on what was to follow.

 Regimental status was soon gained, as was a bit of a reputation. But soon the SK and Bright's parted company, and Bright's became part of the Roundhead Association within the English Civil War Society; (Some say this was in an effort, by Bright's, to increase the level of authenticity in their presentation of seventeenth century warfare, although it probably had more to do with a flock of ornamental ducks, a spit roast and a missing barrel of beer). 


Historic Brights

John Bright's regiment was raised in Sheffield in 1643. Bright having previously raised and commanded a troop of cavalry. The Foot regiment would last beyond the restoration of Charles II.

Although not formally part of the New Model Army, Bright and his regiment were prestigious enough to warrant comment from the better known characters of the period. Piecing a history of the regiment together has proved difficult because of the length of service, and one fears, a coverup of the units actual movements at the restoration.

One main source stands out, "The memoirs of Captain John Hodgson" is a rip roaring blast through the Civil War in the North of England, but how long Hodgson was with the regiment is not clear.